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Keep more of what you make. Earn more on what you keep.

Empire Consulting - Financial Advisory Services for the 21st Century in Brazil.

Say goodbye to “Custo do Brazil”.

Who we are

Empire Consulting is a financial and investment advisory firm with a specialization in assisting ex-pats and an expertise in helping Brazilians. Our mission is simple: to find better financial and investment products and services both inside and outside of Brazil and make them accessible to you. We’re able to leverage the collective volume of our client base and negotiate in the market place to get the best deal for you. Empire works to find the best asset managers, funds, platforms, or traders both locally and internationally to work directly for you and for your interest. Not the bank’s.


Goodbye o ‘Custo do Brazil’.

Say goodbye to ‘Custo do Brazil’

Let’s face it, Brazil is a mess any way you look at it. And that mess is intentional because it allows big Brazilian banks to make big profits. But now you can say goodbye to “Custo do Brazil”, inefficiencies, and jeito brasiliero. Here at Empire there is no need for jeitinho Brasileiro because, there’s no need for it. Our sophisticated platform of financial products and services allow us to execute the best solution for you when you’re ready – locally, internationally, or both. Efficiently, accurately, and painlessly.


Efficiency in Brazil.


The banks are operating the same way they did a hundred years ago. What we’ve done here at Empire is innovate within the financials services sector for the benefit of you, the client. Our aim is to improve efficiencies and provide access to a better level of management and thereby achieve better performance across all aspects of finance and investment such as: money transfers, reais invested locally, dollars, euros, pounds, etc. invested outside international, corporate structuring, property, tax strategies, life insurance. EMPIRE: Efficient Management of Portfolios and Investments Reliably Executed.





James Maximillian Wachtel, Partner

Head of fiduciary services: I want to legally help make you more tax efficient.

- James Maximillian Wachtel, Partner
Charles Peter Burrows, Partner

Areas of specialty include wealth management with an expertise in international investing, strategic assset allocation, risk management.

- Charles Peter Burrows, Partner
Stewart Ragar, Partner

Agente Autonomo de Investimentos

- Stewart Ragar, Partner