Woodford Investment Strategy and Risk Management


Woodford Asset Management is wholly dependent on insights derived from attention to detail. Extraordinary trading systems process vast amounts of financial data and present it to our traders visually – literally, “in sight”. This gives our traders to spot the opportunity that might otherwise remain obscured.

Our attention to detail extends to our investors as well. We can provide daily, monthly, even hourly updates on your investments. Individual investors can be assured that the service they receive from Woodford is tailored precisely to their needs and requirements.

Risk Control

We are one of the few independent asset management firms in the market that bases its operations on hedging strategies locking investments under a tight loss and wider profit range reaching a consistent and stable profitable monthly return. This is also the reason that, if we do come across negative positions, we assure it will stay above the stipulated maximum risk tolerance stipulated.

We constantly monitor and assess the whole fund's valuation, which includes existing positions as well as potential positions within a risk matrix. This matrix determines our ability to enter new positions based on the risk of the position and the overall risk of the portfolio. Risk comes in many different forms, and we assess all types before we enter a trade.